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Founded in 1971, Üçdal Tekstil started its operations in Istanbul as an underwear brand. It has been progressing steadily with the slogan ‘Your Conscious Choice.’ With its extensive range of cotton products, it has secured a significant place in the industry.

On its journey to becoming an international brand, it adopted the name ‘Brix,’ gaining recognition in the overseas market and bringing a modern touch to the brand. Brix, which has been producing ‘must-have’ items for women, men, and children for years, follows a meticulous production process in this journey. The process starts with the selection of high-quality fabrics, accessories, and other materials, continues with detailed control steps, and ends with careful delivery to you. Based on this awareness, the Brix brand has received the internationally valid Oeko-Tex certificate. This certification system declares that the manufacturer's products meet established and globally accepted quality standards. Thus, it assures you that the products bearing this label are reliable in terms of health and quality.

In today's era of fast fashion, Brix aims to contribute to sustainability by producing high-quality and long-lasting products. With its product categories, it has become a brand that is preferred in every season and appeals to all age groups with the essential pieces of a capsule wardrobe. In Turkey, you can find its products in Migros stores, while abroad, they are available on Amazon US and in major chain stores across Europe.

Continuing its journey by increasing the value it has given to its brand, customers, and products for years, Brix moves with the vision of creating a family of conscious consumers and employees who value nature, passing this awareness on to the next generations.

We would be delighted to see you as part of this family.

Welcome to Brix!

Üçdal Tekstil.



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