Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the website by registering. By registering on the website, you declare and undertake that you have read, fully understood, and unconditionally accepted all the terms stated in this Membership Agreement ("Agreement") and the "Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy," which is an integral part of the Agreement.

The terms and conditions in this Agreement are binding and applicable only to Users who have completed the Membership procedures and obtained the status of "Member" or "User." These terms and conditions are not binding for Users who are visitors of the site.

The owner of the website is Üçdal Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi, located at Firuzköy Bulvarı No:108 Avcılar/Istanbul (hereinafter referred to as "Brix"). The products mentioned on the website and in this Agreement are provided by Üçdal Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi.

Brix reserves the right to change any information and content on the website at any time. Brix may make changes to this Agreement from time to time. Brix will inform Members about these changes via email. The new versions of the Agreement will be effective on the date they are accepted by the Members during their login to the site. Every individual or legal entity benefiting from the Services, whether paid or free of charge, is deemed to have accepted the terms of the Agreement and any changes made by Brix to this Agreement.


1.1 This Agreement imposes rights and obligations on the parties regarding the subject site, and the parties declare that they will fulfill these rights and obligations completely, accurately, timely, and under the conditions requested in this Agreement when they accept this Agreement.


2.1. The User declares and undertakes that the personal and other information provided while registering on the site is accurate before the law, and that they will indemnify Brix for all damages arising from the inaccuracy of this information immediately and in full.

2.2. The User cannot give the password provided to them by Brix to other persons or organizations, and the right to use the said password belongs solely to the User. All responsibility arising from the misuse of the password, and all claims and demands that may be brought against Brix by third parties or authorized authorities due to such unauthorized use, are reserved.

2.3. Brix reserves the right to change prices and the products and services offered at any time.

2.4. Brix accepts and undertakes that the Member will benefit from the services subject to the Agreement, except for technical failures.

2.5. The User accepts and undertakes in advance that they will not perform reverse engineering on the use of the site or take any other action to find or obtain the source code of these, and if they do, they will be responsible for any damages that may arise before third parties, and that legal and criminal action will be taken against them

2.6. The User accepts and undertakes that they will not produce or share content that is contrary to general morality and etiquette, unlawful, infringing on the rights of third parties, misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, infringing on personal rights, violating intellectual property rights, or encouraging illegal activities, in their activities within the site, any part of the site, or in their communications. Otherwise, they will be fully responsible for the damages that may arise, and in this case, the site officials have the right to suspend or terminate such accounts and initiate legal proceedings. They also reserve the right to share information about events or user accounts with judicial authorities if requested.

2.7. The relationships of website members with each other or with third parties are their own responsibility. Brix has no responsibility for the damages that third parties may suffer due to the opinions and views expressed by the user or the damages that the user may suffer due to the opinions and views expressed by third parties.

2.8. Users who violate one or more of the articles listed in this Membership Agreement are personally responsible for these violations, both criminally and legally, and will keep Brix free from the legal and criminal consequences of these violations. Additionally, if the event is brought to the legal field due to this violation, Brix reserves the right to claim compensation from the member for not complying with the membership agreement.

2.9. Brix may use personal information of its members to provide better service, improve its products and services, and facilitate site usage by tailoring it to the special preferences and interests of its users. The company reserves the right to keep records of the user's actions on the website.

2.10. The User declares and accepts that they allow the Company to offer them product and service promotions, advertisements, campaigns, advantages, surveys, and other customer satisfaction applications, both during and after the membership period, using the contact information provided by the user in the past or in the future. The User declares and accepts that they allow the collection, use, and archiving of their personal and shopping information and their shopping and/or consumer behavior information for the purposes mentioned above, by the company. The User declares and accepts that they allow the Company to contact them via internet, phone, SMS, etc., unless otherwise notified. The User declares and accepts that they will not make any claims for direct and/or indirect material and/or moral damages, whether positive or negative, due to the collection, sharing, use, archiving, and access to the aforementioned information, and will not hold the company responsible. If the User wants to change their data sharing preferences, they can communicate this request through the company's contact information.


3.1. To become a member of the website, one must be of legal age, authorized to represent and bind the legal entity for legal entity members, and must not have been temporarily suspended or expelled from Membership by Brix under this Agreement.

3.2. Only users aged 18 and over can apply for Membership. Brix is not obligated to check whether users are 18 years or older during the membership application process.

3.3. Even if users have completed the registration process for Membership, their Membership applications may not be accepted by Brix in the following cases:

3.3.1 Applications made by minors or users who are not authorized to represent and bind the legal entity.

3.3.2 Applications made by users who have been temporarily suspended or expelled from Membership by Brix.

3.4. Users declare, accept, and undertake that all information provided during the Membership application process is accurate, truthful, complete, and up-to-date, and that they are solely responsible for all damages that may arise due to the violation of this declaration. Although Brix is not obligated to do so, it has the right to request verification of the information provided by the User before granting Membership.

3.5. Brix may terminate this Agreement unilaterally and immediately, without notice, without compensation, and without any other justification, at any time, if the terms and conditions of this Agreement are violated, and may terminate or temporarily suspend the Member's membership.


4.1 The Member has the right to cancel their Membership on the website at any time. The Company has no responsibility regarding the termination of the Agreement by the Member. Termination of Membership does not mean the termination of the Service and/or Services previously purchased by the Member through the website. The termination of the Service and/or Services purchased through the website is subject to the provisions of the agreement concluded between the Member and the Company regarding the relevant Service.


5.1. Members accept, declare, and undertake to act in accordance with all generally accepted moral rules, applicable laws, and all kinds of legislation while using the website. The responsibility for the content uploaded to the Website by the Member that constitutes a crime and/or is illegal belongs entirely to the Member. The Company cannot be held responsible in any way for the criminal sanctions, legal problems, consequences, and/or demands arising from the actions of the Member. The Member accepts, declares, and undertakes in advance and irrevocably that they will cover all kinds of claims that the Company and its officials may face due to this and that they are liable to pay all kinds of compensation, including fines, that they will be liable to pay.

5.2. The Member accepts, declares, and undertakes in advance that they will not access or use the private, confidential programs, files, documents, information, or other similar content of other members without permission. Otherwise, the Member accepts, declares, and undertakes that they are responsible for all kinds of legal and criminal liabilities that may arise from this, and that they are liable to cover all kinds of claims that the Company and its officials may face due to this and to compensate Brix.


6.1. All intellectual property rights of Brix, including but not limited to titles, business names, trademarks, patents, logos, designs, information, and methods, whether registered or unregistered, in this website belong to the website operator and owner company or the specified owner and are protected under national and international law. Visiting this website or benefiting from the services on this website does not grant any rights to the said intellectual property rights.

6.2. The information on the website cannot be copied, published, reproduced, presented, and/or transmitted in any way. The whole or part of the site cannot be used without permission on another internet site.


7.1. The website User is obliged to report any content that they find disturbing and contrary to the generally accepted moral rules, laws of the Republic of Turkey, international agreements, and/or  all kinds of other legislation specified in this Agreement to Brix.

7.2. The Member accepts, declares, and undertakes in advance and irrevocably that they will not use, commercialize, transfer to third parties, rent, sell, market, establish any rights in favor of third parties, or use for purposes other than those determined on the website and permitted, any material and data read, watched, seen, obtained from the Site for individual purposes other than individual purposes.


8.1. All purchase transactions related to the products offered for sale on the website are made through the payment pages on the website. The information required for the payment to be made (e.g., credit card number, CVV number, expiration date, etc.) is processed by Brix to complete the payment transaction. During all payment transactions to be made through the website, Brix uses special security systems to ensure maximum security. The information transfer between the Company and the bank you use during the payment transactions on the Site is done using a 128/256 bit SSL certificate.


9.1. If the Member forgets or loses their password, the existing password will be sent to the registered email address. For security reasons, the password will not be notified to any address other than the registered email address of the Member.

9.2. The selection, secure keeping, use, and regular changing of the password is entirely the responsibility of the Member. The Member is obliged not to share, transfer, or allow others to use their account, password, Membership name, and/or products purchased within the scope of Membership and not to engage in any other actions that may jeopardize the current status of their account. If the Member loses, forgets, steals, or loses control of the password due to their fault or consent, they must notify Brix immediately and in the fastest way possible. Brix cannot be held responsible for any problems and damages, including material and moral damages, arising from the Member's consent or personal fault resulting in third parties obtaining the password. The Member accepts, declares, and undertakes irrevocably that they are fully responsible for the consequences of the unauthorized use of their Membership information and password by third parties, and they have no right to object that these transactions were not carried out by them. The Member also accepts, declares, and undertakes irrevocably that they cannot request the Company to identify the persons who made such unauthorized uses.


10.1. The Company cannot be held responsible in any way for service interruptions, disruptions, failures, other technical necessities, maintenance or renewal processes, phone network, GSM operator, infrastructure provider, and power outages, as well as for any problems in providing the Service due to judicial and other official authority decisions, directives, orders, and applications, other force majeure events (e.g., natural disasters, terrorist attacks, fires, floods, earthquakes, strikes, lockouts, etc.), situations caused by third parties, long-term or short-term malfunctions, deficiencies, technical failures, and/or delays from the institutions and/or organizations providing internet connection services. The Company cannot be held responsible for any problems, including changes, deficiencies, interruptions, disconnections, mistakes, deletions, and corruption in the communication, provision of the Service, and operation of the Software, caused by possible interruptions or for any other reason.

10.2. Brix reserves the right to limit or stop access to the service temporarily or permanently, partially or completely, if necessary and at its discretion, to ensure the safety of network operation, network continuity, prevent malfunctions, disruptions, deficiencies, and other problems in the network, software, or recorded files, prevent and/or mitigate possible all malfunctions, and in other necessary situations.


11.1. Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices are authorized for the resolution of disputes that may arise from the implementation of this Agreement.


12.1. Brix will make all legal notifications regarding this Agreement to the electronic mail address provided by the Member during the Membership application and which they are obliged to keep up-to-date. The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage arising from the absence, inaccuracy, incompleteness, invalidity, and/or ownership of the Member's registered postal address. In this case, the Member accepts, declares, and undertakes irrevocably that they have given Brix the necessary permission and consent through this Agreement to reach the valid postal address of the Member from the relevant internet service provider by reaching the IP (Internet Protocol) number from which the Member connected to Brix. The Member must learn Brix's valid legal notification address by clicking the "Contact" link within the website. Since it is mandatory to provide physical address information during the purchase of the Service, Brix can also make notifications to the invoice address provided by the Member. The parties declare and accept that these postal addresses are valid legal notification addresses unless otherwise notified in writing, and that written notifications to these addresses will produce all legal consequences of a valid notification.

Please print a copy of the Agreement for your use or save it in a secure electronic environment.

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